“The Hundred Poseballs” project idea was born during the Secondlife meetup at Basilique, where the Lindens visited the sim and more than 100 curious residents popped up to say hi. I photographed the occasion, which looked great as is, but I came up with the idea to work on a collaborative project for the next such meeting.

Crowd02The plan is to ask Secondlife pose makers to contribute with one pose. The rest will work itself out: we might rez the balls at some location, or just give it to one person who combines the poses together. (Details of the actual process will be updated here.)

I would like to make this project unique: the pose set will not be copyable, and there will be only one rezzable piece. but the pose makers will of course be allowed to sell their poses individually in their stores.

If you are interested to participate as a fellow pose maker, please leave your SL name and Store link in the comments below, along with a picture of the pose you would like to contribute with.

The group picture would ideally include ground poses, sitting poses, standing poses and a few floating poses. You will submit an idea of your pose in the comments below and we will find a location for it in the group pose. Deadline for proposing a pose in the comments: 15th of June, 2015.

FORMAT: please include your store logo and the picture of the proposed pose on a 512*512 template of the following choices: pink for female, blue for male poses.

Pink Blue

Comment on this blogpage by entering your SL name and store link and then edit the comment. This way you will be able to add an image to your comment.

You can also just submit your pic to “The Hundred Poseballs” project’s flickr group.

If your comment gets a reply “approved” from me, you are included in the project! Yay!
If the pose includes interactions, I might give you the contact of another pose maker to make sure your poses align. Or you can offer to create poses with a chosen collaborator.

Further details about the actual assembly of the group poses will follow here if enough interest is raised.

This project is non-profit and free to enter. The first approved 100 poses from different creators will be featured on this site and included in the poseball.

IMPORTANT: As this is something I have never done, feel free to add your ideas, doubts, suggestions also in the comments below.


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